Jess A, Amanda D, Nathan K, Clay E, Eric M
ILA 9 Honors

Imitation of Allen Ginsberg's America


("American Flag")

America you are change.
America we worked so hard and came so far,
Do not fall on us now.
America when will you end the suffering?
How can you stand to watch us wither in pain?
We’re hanging on by a thread of hope,
Don’t make us sell it to pay our mortgage.
We are exhausted; we need something more.
Why are we blasted with all this media bullshit?
One million pixels of HD lies
Distracting us from reality, driving us from life’s purpose.
Our world is centered around the thickness of our wallets.
Drowning in recession, swamped in debt,
We still remember the times when the little things in life brought joy to our hearts:
STRIKE 3! World champs and the city explodes.
December 25th running down the stairs to see what Santa brought,
Sitting at the table playing Monopoly with family,
Unfolding the little messages from mom in my lunch box,
On the edge of my seat, eyes covered, watching scary movies with friends,
Running around Chucky Cheese stuffing our faces with pizza.
It’s all only possible in America.
Let’s live our lives day by day,
Taking in each joyful memory,
Stopping to smell the roses before they wither away before our eyes.
America don’t let your promise fade into oblivion.
Your past deserves a better future.
America keep your head up,
Let’s put the pieces back together.
America you are change.
America you represent “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”
Don’t lose sight of who you are.


"American Flag." Now @ MPL... 2008. 17 Nov. 2008 <