Welcome to the Poetry Movement Project! Throughout this project, groups will be studying and assessing different poetry movements during different times in American History.

Throughout this unit, you as students will both individually and collectively examine many different aspects of various movements of poetry. Your work during this intensive project will be graded through several different assessments.

Your work will involve continuing to answer the essential questions for this poetry unit. Specific focus will be placed upon how dominant pieces of literature have been inspired by poets and how poems written in different eras and genres are compared, examining who were the prominent poets throughout each movement and how they were influenced, and your presentation of poetry. You will be challenged through different aspects of this project to better your presentation skills as well as how to analyze poems into a formal explication paper. As a class, we will examine techniques on group management and productivity. Personal creativity throughout this project will not only become a learned skilled but an inspired desire.

Groups will focus upon one of the five different poetry movements including the American Renaissance (1840-1920), War Poetry, the Harlem Renaissance, the Beat Generation, and Modernist Free Verse Poetry (1920-Present). Each of these movements includes influential poets of the specific time period.

Your group’s first task will be to examine the historical aspects of your chosen movement. This will include a 3-4-page paper as well as a visual component. As individuals, each student from each group will examine one poet from their chosen movement and subsequently write a biography upon the poet. This will be followed by a concentrated critical conversation between poets of different movements. The final task of this project will be a collective group assessment, which will include an explication of several poems of the movement.

The work compiled throughout each aspect of the project will be posted on the wiki space for this class. Your group will be responsible for creating a brand or mission statement for your poetry movement. For example, if your group is examining the Beat Generation each student in the group will essentially become members of the Beat Generation. The work done on the history of the movement and poets of the movement, as well as the analysis of several poems, will help immensely in this process. The group will be responsible for adding to their assigned page of the movement for each aspect of the project. Each student will also create their own individual “poem of the times” creation, which will be posted on the wiki with visuals integrated with the poem.

Tentative Due Dates for Poetry Movement Project Assignments

Monday, October 20
History Paper-Hard copy to Mr. Gershman and Miss Arsenault (1 copy) and paper with visuals posted on the wiki page by the end of class

Wednesday, October 29
Biography papers-Hard copy to Mr. Gershman and Miss Arsenault to be handed in, posted on wiki by TUESDAY, October 28 by 10:00pm

Wednesday, November 5
Poem Analysis Questions answered and included with 5 poems read and annotated

Monday, November 10
Rough Draft of Critical Analysis Due

Friday, November 14
Final Draft of Critical Analysis Due

Monday, November 17
Group Poems Finished for Presentations

Tuesday, November 18-Thursday, November 20
Final Presentations on Poetry Movement Projects
All components must be complete and posted on the wiki page